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Janissary Announces New Employee Incentive Program

Janissary Employees Rewarded for Contracts, Hard Work

HOUSTON, Texas - - Feb 21, 2018 - - Janissary, LLC, launched today an exciting new employee incentive program. The intent of this program is to reward employees and contractors for their hard work, as well as compensate them for bringing business to the company via a generous commission program.

The three-tiered Janissary Incentive Compensation Plan (JIC) ensures that personnel are compensated appropriately for their level of contribution. As part of the JIC, Janissary personnel who successfully drive in new clients for the firm will receive “preemptive rights” to work that contract for the entire duration. Meaning, if a Janissary agent brings in an outside client, not only will the agent receive a commission based on the contract’s tiered value, but the agent will also receive priority staffing in which to perform said contract.

“Our team is like our family,” said Janissary’s Managing Director, Nathan Yalcin. “By that standard, we believe our family should get a piece of the pie." Janissary’s Executive Vice President, Brian Campbell, added, “We designed this program to recognize the contributions of our personnel. Anytime they wear the Janissary insignia, they are acting as salespersons for the Company.”

In addition to the commission program, Janissary also implemented its new Employee of the Year program, open to all licensed Janissary officers. “Each year, we will announce the winner at the annual Janissary Holiday Party,” said Yalcin. “The winner will receive a company-sponsored ticket to join us at the next SHOT Show in Vegas.” SHOT Show is an exclusive convention held each January in Las Vegas, Nevada, in which industry professionals showcase new technology relating to firearms and other tools of the security trade.

Janissary LLC is a registered service-disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB), headquartered in Houston, Texas. Setting the industry standard in protective security, private investigations, consultation and training, Janissary provides the best quality of services to its clients by staffing only the most highly trained, skilled, qualified, and proven officers. Janissary is proud to be staffed more than 60% by military veterans, and is actively involved in philanthropic efforts to provide opportunities for recently-discharged and disabled veterans.

To contact Janissary’s communications team, please send an email to

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