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Formerly known as Concealed Handgun License (CHL)



  • Expect to spend between 4-5 hours in the classroom covering topics such as:​

    • Laws that relate to the carrying a handgun

    • Laws that relate to use of force and use of deadly force

    • Handgun use and safety

    • Restraint holsters and handgun retention

    • Non-violent dispute resolution

    • Proper storage practices for handguns with an emphasis on storage practices that eliminate the possibility of accidental injury to a child

    • Instructor selected topics

  • ​Do not bring any firearms or ammunition into the classroom

  • Please familiarize yourself with the following:

  • A multiple-choice written exam will follow the classroom instruction​


  • The firearm qualification will take place at a shooting range to be announced

  • Please bring the following:

    • ​Handgun with which you are comfortable and familiar (magazine capacity of at least 10 rounds recommended for semi-auto pistols)

    • Minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition for aforementioned handgun (100 rounds recommended in case of re-test)

    • Safety glasses and hearing protection

    • Comfortable clothing that can protect you from potentially hot ammunition casings (closed-toed shoes recommended)

  • Important note regarding basic instruction:​

    • This LTC course is primarily designed to teach you the laws regarding carrying a handgun; it is not intended to be a basic pistol course

    • The range portion is a test of whether or not your marksmanship skills qualify you to carry a handgun; it is not instructional

    • Please know how to safely operate your firearm before attending

    • If you need marksmanship coaching, or would like to sign up for a basic pistol class before attempting the LTC course, we are happy to assist

    • Please don't be intimidated!  Neither the range qualification nor the written exams are difficult


  • In order to streamline and expedite the State application process, please complete the Texas Department of Public Safety's online application:

  • The State's application fees vary depending upon a number of circumstances.  The following is a partial list of fee exceptions:

    • ​Standard application fee: $40

    • Active Military (including Guard & Reserve) or within 365 days of discharge: $0

    • Veteran (Honorably Discharged): $25

    • Senior Citizen (60+): $35

    • Indigent (see Federal Poverty Guidelines): $35

    • *The above are State fees, and do not include the cost of the course*

  • ​You do not need to be a U.S. Citizen nor a resident of Texas in order to obtain a TX LTC; the class must simply be completed in-person in Texas.

  • If you have an out-of-state drivers license or ID card, you must submit a form LTC-6 ( and send it to DPS with an attached passport-style photo

  • If you do have a Texas ID or drivers license, they will simply use that existing photo for your LTC

  • After completion of the online application, you will be provided with instructions on how/where to get digitally fingerprinted

  • When all is complete, you just need to send your LTC-100 Certificate (provided upon completion of the course) and your digital fingerprint receipt to TX DPS, and then just wait for them to mail your card!

  • For more application guidelines, check out the TX DPS License to Carry FAQ page at




To sign up for one of our courses, please fill out the following form for each attendee.

You have the option to pay a $50 deposit with the remainder paid via cash, check, or charge on the day of the course, or you may pay the full $100 amount online for convenience.

We offer a 50% discount for active U.S. military and honorably-separated veterans.  Proof of current service (CAC or LES), retiree status (retired Military ID), or discharge type (DD-214) is required prior to the start of class.

If you have not received a course reference code, please send an email to and let us know the course date and location, and we will provide you with the appropriate reference code.


All online payments are non-refundable!

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